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April to May 2019 Newsletter

“What am I to do next?” That was what Ptr Erwin Benosa asked himself. At the time, he was a newly positioned senior pastor considering the work that was set before him. “If only there were a video of Jesus doing what He did, then I could follow Him,” he thought.

Prior to that moment, circumstances have led him and the other leaders to search for a disciplemaking model. Having just considered ones that were popular, they were ready to look at another that would truly help them to grow. The wait did not have to be long for soon after they stumbled upon the Jesus Strategy Seminar. Through the training, Ptr Erwin found a different medium depicting the life of Christ. He did not get a video; what he received was a study on the chronology of the events in Jesus’ life and the disciplemaking principles that could be traced through them. Also, attending the seminar introduced them to the ministry of Wavemakers and that was where the partnership began. 

The rest of their leaders participated in the same training about two years down the line. Then, they carried on learning more about Jesus’ life and ministry through the other seminars and coaching sessions that Wavemakers offered. 

The leadership coming together and the diligent application of Jesus’ ministerial principles saw the hand of God working in their midst to produce significant changes. The vision and mission became clearer. Programs were streamlined to produce the kind of disciples that they would like to see. More people came to the worship service which led them to open another one to support the growth. Giving increased as well, enabling them to help workers outside of their own ministry.

It was May of 2009 when Ptr Erwin found a disciplemaking model that was an answer to the crucial question he had been asking for his church. Now, ten years later, he is ready to share that story to other leaders and to take part in helping their ministries grow as well.

Pastor Erwin Benosa, conducting a discipleship seminar among youth ministry leaders 

His is just one account of growth that resulted from following Jesus’ blueprint for multiplication. We have seen others and we would like to witness more. We desire more Ptr Erwins who would embrace and implement what Jesus did, experience growth, and coach others towards the same path. We want more like him in order to build movements everywhere.

On the first week of April, around thirty leaders who practice the same ministerial principles – making disciples based on the life of Christ – convened to talk about the same goal. The plan is to set up groups in different parts of Asia, particularly the South and Southeast, where leaders could learn and be given tools in applying the strategy of Jesus.

We are looking forward to how it will all unfold and move us to be more like Him.

Sonlife Asia Leaders Forum, 1-4 April 2019 – Trainers from India, Nepal, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines commit to start Disciplemaking Centers in order to develop more workers who will produce more disciples in more regions in Asia.

Please pray with us for …

  • Disciplemaking Centers – As discussed in the Sonlife Asia Leaders Forum, the goal is to produce more leaders who would coach other leaders in the life of Christ. As a team, the Philippines is committing to produce 18 disciplemaking centers in Metro Manila, Batangas, Cavite, Quezon, Mindoro, Bicol, Cebu, Bacolod, Iloilo, CDO, Davao and Gensan.
  • A working space – We are currently looking for an office space to rent long-term where we can hold WM functions like training, coaching, and storing materials. We hope it happens before the year ends. Please pray for financial provision for this project.

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