Like Jesus Launched!

On March 4, Like Jesus was finally launched in the Philippines. Like Jesus is a resource designed to help churches, ministries and small groups create a culture of disciplemaking based on Jesus’ mission, model and method. Dr Dann Spader, author of this program and founder of Sonlife and Global Youth Initiative, gave its overview to 141 pastors and church leaders, representing 40 churches and organizations.

One participant, Moses Valle, a church worker from Mount Zion Church of the Firstborn in Mandaluyong, has this to say about the event:

Moses (back row, 2nd from left) and his churchmates with Dr. Dann Spader

It’s been refreshing and inspiring to hear Dann Spader share his life’s work on disciplemaking which is focused on understanding the holistic life of Jesus Christ. Found myself being teary-eyed on some portions while listening as I appreciated more the joy and reward of making and being a disciple. Through this learning opportunity, I realized that I want to read and study even more about the life of Christ; or rather, I want to know my Lord in a much deeper way.

I also appreciate (and agree with) Ptr. Dann’s disciplemaking philosophy for being relational, intentional, missional, generational, practical, systematic, simple, clear, engaging, and laser-focused—just like what Jesus did!

Thankful to the Lord for the opportunity as well as the learnings. PTL!

Praise the Lord of the Harvest indeed!

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