Partners in Christ: When Trainees Become Advocates

September to October 2019 Newsletter

Jesus Strategy Seminar at Bicolandia Bible Christian Church last September 5-7

One of the greatest joys in doing ministry is being on the frontline of witnessing changed lives — not only in the aspect of formerly a doubter now a believer, but also in the reality of mere fans turned committed Jesus’ followers, of training participants becoming ministry advocates. Last September 5 to 7, we found partners-in-Christ in the Jesus Strategy Seminar held at Bicolandia Bible Christian Church. 

We praise God for Catalyst, a parachurch organization of students and young professionals in Naga who championed the message of disciplemaking in their network of churches. Some of them attended our seminars in 2016 and 2017, and since then, became advocates of the message of intentionally fulfilling the Great Commission. Interest grew among their circles of influence, making it possible for us to minister to them. It was indeed a blessing to see not just committed followers of Jesus, but more so partners and strong allies, eager to be doers and mouthpieces of the movement of multiplication.

At the end of the seminar, we were blessed to have 22 more Christ-followers all set in making disciples in their communities. In small wins like this, the huge task of the Great Commission becomes a little less overwhelming. With partners in the ministry, we feel less alone. Rather, we are all the more motivated — expectant to see more allies and advocates joining the movement.

Jesus’ Strategy Seminar at Bicolandia Bible Christian Church last September 5-7
Jesus’ Strategy Seminar at Bicolandia Bible Christian Church last September 5-7

“I realized that I had been looking at the life of Jesus in bits and pieces, usually to accommodate different needs, to find comfort, find solutions, in individual or separate passages. Never, until now, had I [taken] time to study his methods and put them all into one context, that is in the context of disciplemaking. To learn what he went through in light of this work that he entrusted upon us.” – RT Valderama, Bicolandia Bible Christian Church

I’ve been to several seminars and this by God’s grace has enabled me to concretize, confirm, and affirm what God’s agenda is for me: 1. I believe that God has called me to make disciples and lead our church in this movement that will bring revival in our community. 2. I need to focus and monitor the progress of the people God has entrusted to me with love and intentionality for disciplemaking.” – Anonymous

Praise God for disciplemaking advocates!

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September-October 2019 Highlights

Jesus Strategy Seminar
August 26-31: Myanmar
Jesus Strategy Seminar
September 16-29: Oman
No Apologies Seminar
October 10-12: GCF South Metro, Las Piñas

Prayer Points for the Next Quarter

  • Disciplemaking Center in Bicol– Please pray that God would prompt Jesus Strategy participants to commit to such and to apply the things they learned from the seminar in their immediate contexts.
  • 2020 Plans– Please pray that we’d be able to follow through with the commitments we made from our strategic planning meeting, that we’d be sensitive to God’s direction every step of the way.
  • New Office– Please pray that we’d be able to find a new workspace before the year ends where we can organize training and coaching sessions, as well as accomplish administrative tasks.
  • Oman Contacts– Please pray that we’d be able to cultivate relationships further with initial Christian contacts in Oman.

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