Looking Up, Keeping On

April 2020 Newsletter

This is our staff’s “new normal” – meetings via Zoom to go deeper into Jesus’ life and to discuss how ministry must proceed despite the lockdown. Our Wednesday mornings are certainly rich with fresh insights from Scripture and with vibrant exchange of ideas and opinions.
(Photo taken on April 21)

In the face of human tragedies, people losing jobs, being distant from loved ones, and dealing with countless deaths – both in the news and close to home – it is tough to keep the faith. But in these fragile moments of suffering, believers are all the more called to press on and take heart. The current pandemic leaves our team more devoted in embracing our God-given purpose of making disciples. We have been reaching out to our brothers and sisters, striving to minister to them while being cooped up at home. Huddling in Zoom meeting rooms, we hold remote coaching sessions for Christian leaders in and out of the Philippines.

Randolph and Jot have been conducting coaching sessions for Filipinos in Oman. These contacts are people they touched base with back in October. Marvin currently teaches church leaders in Tabuk, Kalinga. Jean takes over sessions for churches in South Metro Manila, coaching young adult leaders. Meanwhile, for adult leaders in North Metro Manila, Lem and Shamira continue the coaching center that has been started last year.

Although the health crisis has put everything on pause, the mission of making disciples remains at work. God is still in the business of producing more Christ-followers amidst human tragedies. Those who claim to be His should all the more actively take part in His grand, eternal plan.

Pastor Randolph and Jot are delighted to carry on working with these Filipino leaders in Oman. Online coaching may not be new to this group but the current global scene definitely makes these meetings even more anticipated by them.
Before the lockdown, coaching this group in Tabuk (Kalinga) was made slightly difficult by transportation challenges. Now, mobility restrictions have opened a door for Pastor Marvin to see them more often for coaching.
Jean regularly meets with young adult leaders of South Metro Manila’s coaching group to provide them with tools for training their own members. Though done in stages and in small groups, they are surely getting equipped for multiplication.
April has paved the way for this group to study the life of Christ together once again. Lem and Shamira will continue to coach these church leaders in small clusters as they resolutely pursue their members’ growth despite the difficulties brought on by the lockdown.


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