Growing Big, Starting Small

June and July 2020 Newsletter

Disciplemaking Center – Quezon City (Lord of Life Christian Fellowship – Batasan)
The couple, Bong and Genny Tumanon, and Norma Dayag are being coached online by Shelemiah Castro.

Although grand, the Great Commission does not start out big. It is in the seemingly little things that we have seen movements of disciplemaking develop in the church and beyond. One group whose growth we are delighted to witness is that of the coachees of the Disciplemaking Center in Quezon City. These leaders minister at the community outreach of their church, Lord of Life Christian Fellowship, in Batasan Hills. Early this year, they began being intentional in living out the Great Commission – focusing on the few, starting small.

Bong Tumanon, an outreach ministry leader and church planter, shepherded the men. Norma Dayag and Genny Tumanon, church leaders as well, led the women. Applying the principles of 4Chair Discipling, they nurtured and challenged their disciples to grow in the faith. They would use the Discovery Bible Study as format and curriculum for their learning sessions.

Despite a prolonged lockdown, multiplication has been continuing for them. In fact, one of the women in Genny’s discipleship group started outreach Bible studies with their neighbors and relatives. These people have become spiritually receptive to the gospel since the crisis hit. Meanwhile, Norma’s discipleship group members initiated Bible studies with their loved ones, including the children in their household. Bong continues to challenge his disciples to reach out to the men in their respective communities.

These and more stories of leaders in our Disciplemaking Centers choosing to intentionally follow Christ are praises that we always look forward to share with you. We are excited to see how God would work through each one of us and grow these disciplemaking movements as we become faithful in the few, in the little things.

Bong with his disciples, Jun and Mar

Genny with her disciples, Racquel, Mean, and Mercy

Norma with her disciples, Laila and Juvy


We praise God for these wonderful leaders whose passion for making followers of Jesus is definitely more unleashed despite the lockdown.

We carry on anchoring our hopes in Jesus in order to see groups of workers multiplying the same mission and vision in our country and beyond.

New Disciplemaking Coaching Centers (DCC’s) – Please join us in prayer as we conduct the same presentation to another batch of leaders this August. Our goal is to gather in groups those who would commit to be coached in multiplying disciplemaking impact in their respective areas and further.

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