Greater Challenges, Greater Promise

March 2020 Newsletter

Sonlife Asia Summit and L4 Forum East Asia held last March 2 to 7 at Ciudad Christia – 9 Waves Resort in San Mateo, Rizal, Philippines

The Grand Vision

The Great Commission would not be called great if not for its grand vision. “Make disciples of all nations,” the mandate goes. Every believer is called to produce committed followers everywhere he goes so that people from every tribe and tongue would come to Christ. It is not a small task but one that requires total dedication.
Last March at the Sonlife Asia Summit and L4 Forum East Asia, we were able to reconsider the Great Commission’s grand vision with new ardor. In the former, Sonlife country leaders in Asia gathered together and gave updates on the status of the Disciplemaking Coaching Centers (DCC’s) in their respective areas. We plotted goals in multiplying the movement further in the next five years. It was a fruitful three-day conference (March 2 to 4) that made us all the more motivated to press on in the journey of disciplemaking.
Meanwhile, in the L4 Forum East Asia (March 5 to 7), Sonlife coaches were trained with the updated curriculum for the DCC’s. They were empowered to plan strategic actions for opening more centers starting 2021.

Country leaders and Sonlife coaches in Asia participating in the Sonlife Asia Summit and L4 Forum East Asia last March 2-7

The week-long training and fellowship ended with a commitment to add 2,000 more DCC’s in 20 Asian countries in the next five years. We desire to see thousands of pastors and leaders being ministered to and trained in and through these centers. We fully rely on God’s provision in raising 4 million USD to support this initiative. By the grace of God through these endeavors, we work towards making the grand vision of the Great Commission a reality.
Beyond the weight and the scope of the Great Commission which is making disciples of all peoples, its magnitude comes from the Person who commanded it: Jesus the Resurrected King who has all authority in heaven and on earth. The task before us is huge but there is nothing to fear because He who called us to do it also promised to be with us until it is accomplished.

Highlights of the Month

New Office Space – Praise God for providing our needs through generous partners! Last March 11, we were able to move to our new home on the 5th Floor of Back to the Bible Building in West Avenue, Quezon City.
Online Staff Meeting via Zoom – Grateful for the access to technology that enables us to stay connected and do ministry despite being physically isolated during ECQ. Staff meetings every Tuesday morning is part of our new “normal”.

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